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EPS is one of a limited number of specialised companies throughout the world that has the in-house ability and experience to take a set of customer requirements from concept right through to production.

Our design office runs the latest 3d modelling software. Taking customer requirements the team produce schemes for quotation then take those schemes through to working designs.

Once the design concept is approved the project is handed over to the manufacturing department where the prototype qualification units are made for testing.

Throughout the design and development phase the project is overseen by one of the project management team who report, guide and arrange all the needs of the project from the initial program through to testing, and finally the user manual.

Once qualification is complete the design office incorporate any changes that are highlighted throughout the testing and then produce a clean set of drawings that form part of the Certificate of Design.

The design is then ready for production.


*New Added Value Service Provided to MBDA – GHTM Offload*

EPS are pleased to be providing a service to MBDA previously performed at their facility in Bolton to manage the receipt, inspection, processing and customer acceptance of inert Ground Handling and Training Missiles (GHTM).

The GHTM’s are delivered directly from the manufacturer to our Sittingbourne site where they are subjected to a detailed inspection and acceptance process by MBDA Quality Assurance personnel.

Using specialist equipment, we apply markings to the GHTM missile specific to the intended end user customer, before placing them into the transportation and storage containers that we manufacture.

End user customer acceptance events are then held on our site before the GHTM missiles are delivered to the appropriate location in their transportation and storage containers.

The GHTM missiles themselves are a vital element of the total missile system package provided by MBDA to their customers and the service provided by us is a logical extension to our partnership with MBDA for the design and manufacture of the transportation and storage containers.  The service has provided cost and time benefits to MBDA as well as freeing resources for the ongoing manufacture of operational missiles.

GHTM Missile in Container following Offload Activity
GHTM Missile in Process at EPS